15 Women-Led Companies to Know (and Work For)

In the United States, 50% of employees— including 46% of men— say that they would prefer to work at women-led companies, according to a study conducted by The Harris Poll. Numerous reasons were cited, including an increased likelihood of equal pay, access to benefits like childcare, and a more purpose-driven workplace.

Another study from Peakon, an HR insights platform, found that women-led companies demonstrate a greater belief in strategy, cultivate a stronger belief in their company’s product, and do a better job at communicating than their men-led counterparts. It’s no wonder that more and more jobseekers are placing more importance on the leaders of the companies they apply for.

If you’re on the job hunt and looking for a company with proven positive workplace culture, look no further than these fifteen women-led companies.


Clairity believes that everyone deserves to understand their health risks, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. Led by Carrie Ivers Reeuwijk, Clairity’s mammography-based deep learning platform is revolutionizing the breast cancer screening process by improving accuracy, eliminating bias, cultivating trust, reducing the cost of care, and saving lives.

Clairity employee review spotlight


Founded in 2006, Austin-based Esolvit has risen to become a global leader in providing IT services and solutions for enterprises around the globe. Led by co-founder and CEO Usha Boddapu, Esolvit works to create and implement next-generation technologies that successfully meet the needs of their clients, which span from government industries to multinational companies to innovative start-ups.

Everly Health

Everly Health is revolutionizing the field of medicine by bringing trusted healthcare to the comfort of your home. Helmed by Julia Cheek, Everly Health is guided by the belief that healthcare is achieved when everyone has access to modern, diagnostics-driven care. With brands like Everlywell, Everly Health Solutions, and Natalist, Everly Health is proving that virtual care and telehealth are here to stay.

Hello World CS

Hello World CS has a straightforward mission: Drive forward a sustainable model for computer science education that changes the trajectory of student lives. Founder Sabina Bharwani leads Hello World CS in creating curriculum that transcends the classroom, building multidisciplinary learning experiences that foster leadership skills and serve students wherever life leads them.

Hello World CS employee review

Journey Foods

Riana Lynn has always sought to discover new ways to develop food tech solutions that increase access, ensure better health, and spur innovation for community growth. She’s achieving her mission as Founder and CEO of Journey Foods, a software company that offers an integrative platform for food companies to effectively manage and launch products and ingredients. With a team of food explorers, food scientists, and machine learning experts, Journey Foods is setting out to change food science inefficiencies and problematic supply chains in order to feed 8 billion people better.

Journey Foods employee review

Kinect Solar

The solar supply chain isn’t always straightforward or easy to navigate— whether you’re buying, selling, or shipping solar and power generation equipment. Kinect Solar was founded in 2015 by Lauren Carson to address these problems. As CEO, Carson has led Kinect Solar to become a leading solar supply chain solutions provider, offering end-to-end solutions, unmatched expertise, and superior service to help their partners solve their most complex supply chain issues.


In an ever-evolving digital world, Liquibase seeks to improve developers’ lives by providing the most powerful community-led database change management solution. Liquibase’s software has been downloaded more than 45 million times, helping DevOps teams from around the world to automate their database update process. At the helm of the company is Patti Soch, who moved into the CEO role this year after nearly seven years as Chief Financial Officer.

North Star Inbound

North Star Inbound has made it their mission to provide award-winning content and marketing strategies for businesses at every stage. With a commitment to originality and results, founder and CEO Nicole DeLeon leads the agency in providing content marketing, digital PR, link building, and SEO services to companies of all sizes and industries.

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In 2016, Brandy Pham created PLANOLY to help creators and brands visually plan their Instagram posts. Today, the company is led by CEO Christina Martinez and has become an industry-leading social marketing platform trusted by over five million users. PLANOLY has also expanded beyond Instagram, allowing users to also plan, schedule, and measure performance for content across Facebook and Pinterest.

PLANOLY employee review

ROI Swift

For emerging brands looking for help with digital marketing, ROI Swift has the tools and know-how to grow your business. Through strategies like management for Amazon Marketplace, paid social, Google Advertising, and Klaviyo email migration, ROI Swift gives companies the expertise and resources they need to compete with large brands. The agency’s founder and CEO, Carolyn Lowe, has a big goal— help grow 1,000 brands profitability by 2030. They’ve made significant progress as ROI Swift approaches 200 companies served!


Did you know that building heating and cooling makes up for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? Sealed was founded in 2012 by Lauren Salz and Andy Frank to combat this issue with a simple mission: stop home energy waste and electrify all homes. Today, as CEO, Salz continues to guide the company as it provides customers with modern HVAC systems and high-performance insulation. Together, the small but mighty team at Sealed is working to make a difference in the world, one home at a time.

Slingshot Aerospace

Space isn’t what it used to be. Today, space-faring organizations must navigate an increasingly complex landscape thanks to the exponential growth of global launch activity, the proliferation of new data sources, and the ever-growing body of new satellites and debris. With the help of Slingshot Aerospace, organizations are making mission-critical decisions in this high-risk environment and with the right information at the right time. Slingshot Aerospace Founder and CEO Melanie Stricklan pilots the company as it empowers government and commercial space organizations to better design, manage, and safeguard their assets and mitigate risks to create a safer, more connected world.

The Mentor Method

The Mentor Method is a tech-enabled mentoring platform that helps its users build inclusive, cross-functional mentorship programs at scale. Founded by Janice Omadeke, The Mentor Method was created to help companies overcome the barriers their underrepresented employees had in finding meaningful mentorship. Today, the tool can be used to achieve multiple objectives, whether it’s peer-to-peer mentorship, DEI initiatives, or entrepreneurship mentoring.


Verb helps organizations and companies empower their teams with leadership development through learning that sticks. Co-founder and CEO Suzi Sosa has led the company for nearly a decade, building an innovative learning platform that gives employees the soft skills they need to successfully manage themselves and lead others. Rather than tactical lessons in hard skills, Verb’s lessons impart crucial intangibles like self-awareness, empathy, inclusion, and resilience.


In January 2018, Michelle Davey and Griffin Mulcahey founded Wheel after working together in the telehealth industry and realizing no one was looking out for those at the center of the healthcare engine: the clinicians on the front lines. Today, Davey heads Wheel as CEO, furthering the company’s mission and vision for the future by serving both sides of the evolving digital health marketplace.

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