Austin’s Most Transparent Companies 2022

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 40% of people who quit a role do so within the first 12 months of being hired. One of the main reasons? Misaligned expectations between what they were promised in the recruiting process and what they actually encountered as a new hire.

Research conducted by the JobSage team in 2021 indicates jobseekers— especially those from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized groups— value transparency. For professionals of all backgrounds, especially those who fear workplace discrimination, the job search is all too often an opaque process where their important questions aren’t getting answered. 

JobSage is a third-party employee transparency platform whose mission is to provide jobseekers information that matters most to them. In doing so, we also want to amplify companies who are taking the extra step to provide potential employees the transparency they deserve.

Austin’s Most Transparent, from A to Z

As of today, fifteen Austin companies are taking initiative by allowing JobSage to survey their entire workforce. These companies have committed to ensuring their candidates have access to the most complete, honest insights into what they can expect from their prospective future employers. Because of their commitment to transparency, we call them our Trusted Employers. 

Jonathan Kleinman, CEO and Founder


AIQUEOUS offers digital solutions that enable utility companies to connect with customers, deploy value-add services, and collect valuable data.

“As a growing business committed to tackling climate change, AIQUEOUS relies on a culture of integrity, data, ingenuity, growth mindsets and fun. We need to attract hires who fit our culture and help us pursue our objectives. JobSage is a perfect fit for us –  our employee feedback is an accurate assessment of where we now stand and JobSage gives us an opportunity to become the company we want to be.” —Jonathan Kleinman, CEO and Founder


CareerPlug provides easy-to-use software and proactive services to make hiring easier for over 10,000 growing companies.

Our core focus at CareerPlug is to empower people to reach their potential. Empowering, to us, means that we are actively creating an inclusive, growth-minded company culture that values individual voices and individual well-being. That’s why we were so interested in partnering with JobSage to elevate our teams’ voices and help us attract a diverse talent pool that resonates with our culture and values.” —Natalie Morgan, Senior Director of People 


Civitech is a public benefit corporation dedicated to creating a fairer and more equitable democracy by building the tools and infrastructure needed to increase civic participation, empower Democratic candidates to win, and support the success of progressive causes.

“Employees are increasingly prioritizing work-life balance, organizational culture, and DEI efforts in the workplace. With JobSage, prospective applicants have the opportunity to hear from current employees before applying, while employers can show how they offer more than just a 9-5. With its unique ability to connect job seekers and organizations with shared values, JobSage has the potential to make the hiring process more efficient while promoting employee retention and satisfaction.” —Taylor Malone, People Operations Manager


From streamlining store operations to powering digital marketing, Clerk is helping brands and retailers connect with and address the needs of their customers.

 “We believe each team member brings a unique perspective that contributes to our success— we wouldn’t have a business without each other. With JobSage, our company values can be showcased directly from the people who are building and growing our culture together. With a transparent lens, candidates can make informed decisions as they search for a team that empowers them to show up as their truest selves.” —Caitlyn Conner, Senior People Manager makes it easy for everyone— not just the “data people”— to get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question. In addition to their enterprise product, is home to the world’s largest collaborative open data community.

Journey Foods

Journey Foods is a software company that offers an integrative platform for food companies to effectively manage and launch products and ingredients. Their goal is simple: change food science inefficiencies and problematic supply chains in order to feed 8 billion people better.

“Journey Foods is aligned with JobSage’s quest for transparency and accountability in the workplace. We also want to empower our employees to provide honest and actionable feedback so we can meet our objectives of continuous improvement.” – Riana Lynn, CEO


KUNGFU.AI is an AI services provider helping companies transform data into augmented capabilities that achieve ambitious goals. KUNGFU.AI helps companies from strategy to implementation, using data and AI to see new trends, develop new ideas, and optimize operations to better serve the people who matter most.


Since 2015, Notley has provided the creative space and resources necessary to make the most impact in our communities. Through the use of magnetic risk capital, Notley works to bridge the gap of collaboration between for-profits and nonprofits to solve problems quicker.

I was really excited to learn about the opportunity for feedback that JobSage offers both employers and job-seekers. Giving candidates a clearer picture of what to expect at a potential workplace, through the voice of their existing staff, provides a depth of insight that can’t be found in a job description or in an interview and it also gives employers the ongoing ability to work towards maintaining a culture of care. I look forward to being able to provide real time feedback from JobSage on our website to those who are interested in Notley as a workplace.-Michele Freeman, Director of People Operations


PLANOLY was founded in 2016 on the belief that social marketing shouldn’t be so complicated. Today, the company provides a platform that integrates content scheduling and social strategy.

Transparency extends well beyond our recruiting process at PLANOLY. Practicing candor in good times and bad is so important to us that “be transparent” is one of our core values. Building a foundation of honesty and trust, starting with that first interview, enables our team to put their best work forward and ultimately propel PLANOLY’s vision to simplify social marketing.” —Christina Wells, SVP, People and Operations, PLANOLY

Spot Insurance

Spot is an ambitious startup that shocked the insurance industry by opening an entirely new channel of distribution and targeting those living active and adventurous lifestyles. Spot makes it possible for people to purchase injury insurance at an approachable price through a simple, digital platform.

“At Spot Insurance, we commit ourselves each day to create a workspace where our entire team can feel welcome, supported, and respected. While we know we aren’t perfect, we strive each day to get better and with JobSage we’ve been able to create transparency with our candidates throughout the interview process. They don’t have to take my word for it when I chat about authenticity being at the center of all we do- they can hear directly from verified employees from across our company!” – Sacha Lyson, Director of People

The HT Group

The HT Group is a collection of passionate, dedicated management solutions executives, staffing experts, and recruiting professionals whose main goal is to improve lives by connecting individuals with quality career opportunities.

“At The HT Group we have always strived for a welcoming company culture and welcomed feedback from employees.  The JobSage platform helps us with being able to receive that feedback both timely and anonymously from employees that may not have traditionally shared.  The simplicity of the platform makes it easy for employees to use.  We had near 100% participation.” -Mark Turpin, CEO of The HT Group

Mark Turpin, CEO of The HT Group


Valkyrie is on a mission to advance the field of artificial intelligence and put our cutting-edge technology to work on industry’s biggest challenges. Founded in 2017, Valkyrie is a services company that applies science to data to solve challenges, drive impact, and create value. 

“At Valkyrie, we champion transparency in the hiring process because it establishes the integrity of both the employer and employee, as well as a level of trust between them. Our value is our people. Without them, we’re just a collection of laptops.” —Kea Goins, PR & Marketing Coordinator


Yonder is an A.I. software company that discovers the hidden groups who control and amplify online narratives, so companies can navigate an unpredictable, ever-evolving internet with confidence.


ZenBusiness is a trusted partner for business owners who want to start, run, and grow a business. By using technology and automation, ZenBusiness provides fast and low-cost services, expert support, and a personalized dashboard that puts everything you need at your fingertips.

“We’re proud to be honored by JobSage for our commitment to transparency. Transparency should be the utmost importance for every organization when it comes to building trust and loyalty and creating an attractive work culture. Being named as a Trusted Employer by JobSage shows how committed we are to being open and honest about our employee experience and that we have their best interests in mind.”Shanaz Hemmati, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of ZenBusiness

No company is perfect; the best companies are honest. By becoming a Trusted Employer, these companies have made it easier for potential applicants to understand how they live out their mission and values.

Whether you’re a CEO or recent hire, head of HR or engineering manager, reach out to partner with JobSage and create more transparent recruiting experiences.

About JobSage

JobSage is an employee transparency platform that brings insight to the things that matter most to jobseekers: inclusive workplaces, opportunities for growth, a sense of purpose, meaningful feedback, and flexibility. We do this by partnering directly with employers who value authenticity to elevate the voice of the people who know their workplace best— current employees. As a third party, we’re able to maintain employee privacy and provide a safe space for employees to share with honesty. Moreover, employees can provide their demographic information, which gives jobseekers more context into these insights. Combined, this approach lets JobSage create authentic, accessible conversations about what it is really like to work somewhere.