How to Answer “Why Are You Interested in This Position?”

woman being interviewed for job

One of the most common questions you’re likely to encounter when interviewing for a job is “Why are you interested in this position?”  This seemingly straightforward question can be deceptively tricky to answer, as it requires you to convey your enthusiasm for the role while also demonstrating your fit for the position and the company. […]

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What to Ask a CEO in an Interview (From an Actual CEO)

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to meet with a company’s CEO at some point during their interview process. While some people may only get the chance to meet the CEO when interviewing for high-level positions, at other companies, every employee— all the way down to the interns— may have the opportunity to speak with the company’s […]

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Avoiding Layoffs: How to Gauge Company Stability Before Accepting a Job Offer

Gauging a company's success during the interview to avoid layoffs

In today’s job market, layoffs have unfortunately become common. According to a study by BambooHR, 65% of HR professionals stick to a “last in, first out” mentality, leaving new hires more susceptible to layoffs than long-standing employees. To avoid this fate, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the stability of a company and role before accepting […]

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Finding the Best Healthcare Companies to Work For

As the industry continues to face unprecedented challenges and workforce shortages, finding the best healthcare companies to work for is becoming increasingly important for workers in the field. Employees across the industry work tirelessly to provide care for patients, often at the expense of their own health and happiness. According to a recent study by […]

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