These Are Job-seekers’ (and Hiring Managers’) Biggest Pet Peeves

woman thinking in front of laptop

As layoffs are surging, an increase in job hunting is the reality for many Americans. Unfortunately, the system of applying for a new job is hardly seamless, even when you do it all online. From hard-to-navigate online job portals to being ghosted by an employer, many of us have that one job-hunting pet peeve that […]

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Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

woman frustrated at computer from making common job search mistakes

So you’ve spent weeks— or even months— applying to jobs and, so far, no luck. Maybe you’ve had a few interviews, but companies always seem to choose other candidates over you. Your job search is proving to be unsuccessful, and you’re wondering what on earth you’re doing wrong. It could just be the job market— […]

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