13 Subject Lines for Your Interview Thank You Emails

So you’ve written the perfect interview thank you email— now for the finishing touch: the subject line.

The subject line will be the first thing your interviewer sees when your email hits their inbox. It can feel like there’s a ton of pressure riding on these few words! The good news is that you don’t have to sweat it— it’s more straightforward than you think. 

Interview thank you email subject lines

Your post-interview thank you email should be sincere and genuine. We’ve broken down four categories of subject lines to help you pick the one that best fits your email.

Psst… Not sure which to use? When in doubt, express appreciation!

1. Express appreciation

This subject line gets to the point quickly. Expressing appreciation is easy— just say thanks! You can add what you’re expressing gratitude for, like the opportunity to meet, their time, or the conversation in general.

  • “Thank you for the great interview today”
  • “Thanks for the opportunity to chat this morning”
  • “Thank you for your time this afternoon”
  • “Appreciate the interview opportunity”

2. Highlight enthusiasm

If you want to show your excitement and eagerness to move forward, you can highlight your enthusiasm in the subject line. It reinforces your interest in the role and the company.

Just be careful not to jump the gun here. You don’t want to appear presumptuous or over-confident that you got the job. Rather, convey that you’re excited by the possibilities, learning more, or hearing back from the team.

  • “Excited about the possibility of working together”
  • “Loved learning more about [COMPANY]”
  • “Looking forward to the next steps!”

3. Include a personal touch

Personalizing the subject line demonstrates your attentiveness during the interview and also reinforces your genuine interest in the company. It helps to create a connection with the interviewer, which is important when you’re trying to stand out from other candidates.

To personalize your subject line, mention something specific you enjoyed talking about during the interview. Alternatively, you can express that you simply enjoyed getting to meet them, not just interview for the role.

  • “Enjoyed our chat about [TOPIC FROM INTERVIEW]”
  • “Loved our conversation about [Company’s] vision”
  • “It was great meeting you, [NAME]”

4. Add a question

You may have an additional question that you thought of after the interview. If this is the case, highlight it in the subject line to ensure you receive a prompt response.

  • “Thank you + question about take home test”
  • “Enjoyed the interview! Need anything else?”
  • “Thanks for the opportunity + one additional question”

Don’t stress over your subject line

If you find yourself stressing over the interview thank you email subject line, take a deep breath. When in doubt, a simple “Thank you” will do! 

Before sending your email, ensure it has all of the key components like your greeting, a line of gratitude, and contact info. 

Interview Thank You Email Example

After that, double check that there are no grammatical errors and you’ve spelled the company and interviewer’s name correctly. Remember that thank you emails aren’t required, but can help you put your best foot forward and keep you top of mind.