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About JobSage

JobSage is an employee transparency platform that brings insight to the things that matter most to jobseekers: inclusive workplaces, opportunities for growth, a sense of purpose, meaningful feedback, and flexibility. We do this by partnering directly with employers who value authenticity to elevate the voice of the people who know their workplace best - current employees. As a third party, we’re able to maintain employee privacy and provide a safe space for employees to share with honesty. Moreover, employees can provide their demographic information, which gives jobseekers more context into these insights. Combined, this approach lets JobSage create authentic, accessible conversations about what it is really like to work somewhere.

Our Why

It’s the 21st century. There’s more to work than fancy titles and corner offices. You’re seeking purpose, opportunity for growth, a fair salary, and the freedom to be authentically yourself.

These days, almost every company's career page will commit to diversity and inclusion, promise a work-life balance, and offer generous perks. 

But what does that really mean?

No company is perfect, but which ones are genuinely trying to do better? 

And, most importantly, which companies are best for you?

We’re building an employer review site around what matters most to people like you. People who wonder things like:

  • INCLUSION - Will this be an inclusive, welcoming place to work?
  • GROWTH - Will I have the opportunity to grow?
  • PURPOSE - Will I feel a sense of purpose beyond making money?
  • FEEDBACK - Will I receive actionable, empathetic feedback?
  • FLEXIBILITY - Will I be able to take time off?
  • COMPENSATION - Will I earn a fair income?

JobSage offers a space for people to anonymously share their workplace experiences. In turn, their experiences empower other professionals to make the best choices for their own personal and professional goals. 

Together we can shape the future of belonging at work.

Our History

JobSage was founded in 2020 by a diverse group of people with a shared passion: helping all professionals, especially those from traditionally marginalized backgrounds, find workplaces where they could thrive. We also had a heart for helping companies with truly inclusive workplaces that still struggled to attract diverse talent. JobSage elevates the voice of the people who know a company best to create honest, accessible conversations about what it is really like to work somewhere. Our jobseekers know that no company is perfect; they want to know which ones can be honest. We’re helping uncover them. 

Meet our founders.