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Drive meaningful change with a tool built by HR professionals— and enhanced by AI— all for $100 per month.

Understand the demographic data that matters

Gain a deeper understanding of how different groups within your organization perceive their work environment, engagement levels, and overall satisfaction. Identify patterns and spot potential challenges.

Foster a culture of transparent communication

From annual engagement surveys to Q&As to sensitive topic reporting, JobSage Retain's survey tool can be used to foster communication between employees and management.

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Anonymous messaging

Have questions about an employee's response? Foster honest communication within your organization through our anonymous messaging feature. Employees can freely express their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions, creating a safe space for valuable feedback that encourages transparency.

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AI analytics

Harness the power of the latest artificial intelligence capabilities. Analyze survey responses to extract meaningful insights and identify hidden patterns or trends.

Expert-built templates

Save time and ensure survey effectiveness with our library of expert-built templates. These templates are designed to cover a wide range of topics, providing you with a solid foundation to gather comprehensive feedback from your employees— all with a few simple clicks.

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Custom surveys

Tailor your employee surveys to capture the information that matters most to your organization. With our intuitive platform, create custom surveys that align with your unique goals, enabling you to gather targeted insights for informed decision-making.

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We believe paying for your employee engagement platform should be just as easy and transparent as the tools we build.

NO confusing packages.

NO annoying pay-per-user plans.

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JobSage Retain offers a range of powerful use cases to drive employee engagement and create a positive work environment.

A few ways to use Retain include:

  • Understanding the full employee lifecycle (candidate experience, onboarding, engagement, exit, etc.)
  • Q&A sessions with leadership
  • Sensitive topic reporting

We’ve designed our tool to be flexible. Use it the way that works best for your organization!

Employers can choose to make surveys anonymous or not. Employees will always be notified if their name is attached to a response, and admins cannot reveal the names of anonymous respondents after a survey has been created and sent out.

We know HR professionals have a lot on their plate, which is why we’ve tried to make Retain simple and straightforward. We're always here to help but we've worked hard to make JobSage self-service. After purchasing, you can create and send your first survey in minutes.

JobSage is built to be self-serve with simple pricing. This means organizations of any size can easily leverage and benefit from our tools.

That said, if you need any special integration or custom work then we should chat. We’re happy to work with organizations to craft a solution that meets your needs.

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