15 Women-Led Companies to Know (and Work For)

In the United States, 50% of employees— including 46% of men— say that they would prefer to work at women-led companies, according to a study conducted by The Harris Poll. Numerous reasons were cited, including an increased likelihood of equal pay, access to benefits like childcare, and a more purpose-driven workplace. Another study from Peakon, […]

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10 Terms to Know About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workplace Policies

woman leading meeting in front of white board with peers at work

Increasing awareness of systemic and social inequities has spurred many Americans to take a hard look at the deeply rooted causes of discrimination and bias toward members of marginalized communities, including in the workplace. In recent years, companies have placed more emphasis on implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. To highlight how diversity policies are communicated […]

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Over 4 in 5 Gen Z Adults Want Companies to Take a Stand

two women on laptop

Companies are increasingly taking a public stance on social issues, but what should they take a stand on and how should they make their voices heard? We conducted a survey to find out and discovered that over three in five (64%) said it’s important for employers to take a stand on social issues. Percentages were […]

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Study: Over 3 in 5 Are Hiding Something From Their Employer

employees sitting around conference table

Often, we encourage people to be authentic, to act in ways consistent with their identity, values, and beliefs, despite any pressure they might feel to conform. While authenticity sounds like a positive idea, how does it play out in the workplace?  In a recent study, we found that on the surface, people believe that their […]

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