Want to WFH? Check Out These 10 Flexible Remote Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a major turning point in the way companies around the globe conduct their day-to-day business. One of the most notable changes was the nearly overnight transition to remote work. What was initially expected to be a few weeks turned into a few months, leaving companies to make one big decision— should remote work still be an option for employees once it is all over? 

For many companies, the answer was a resounding yes.

In a JobSage survey among HR professionals, 50% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their workplace culture improved since adopting a remote or hybrid model. Other companies have reported higher profits, increased productivity, and improved employee retention rates.

If you’re among the 48% of Americans who will be seeking a flexible, remote position for their next job, be sure to check out these ten fully remote companies.


When CareerPlug closed their Austin office doors in March of 2020, it wasn’t long before it became clear that the strength of the company came from their people, not the office. Now, with no physical location, CareerPlug is hiring people across the nation.

Their remote-first vision puts transparency at the forefront. The focus is on results and trust, not time spent online and micromanagement. With open communication policies, in-person and remote team building events, and benefits like a remote stipend, CareerPlug employees are given what they need to flourish— wherever they are.


Fully-remote companies aren’t always large, global workforces. Sometimes, they are a small— but mighty— group of software engineers, user experience designers, learning experts, educators, and parents like the team at Kinjo.

A fully-remote workplace and flexible time-off benefits isn’t the only reason to work for this educational app developer, however. Employees at the company are united by a strong sense of purpose and the mission to help children learn and grow, making each work day worthwhile.


KUNGFU.AI was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs and AI visionaries who wanted to approach the coming AI revolution in a new way— one that is tailored to their clients and supportive of their people.

One of the ways KUNGFU.AI delivers on their goal to create a positive workplace experience is through their remote-first work policy. At this AI consulting firm, employees have benefited tremendously from the company’s schedule and location flexibility. The flexible schedule has allowed employees to schedule work around their lives, not the other way around. 

KUNGFU.AI employee review


Measured helps direct-to-consumer brands grow by identifying media’s incremental contribution to business outcomes and providing a single source of truth for media investment decisions.

But DTC brands aren’t the only ones who grow with Measured. The company also supports the growth of their employees with flexibility that allows them to flourish both at work and in their free time. The remote nature of Measured also makes it easy for all employees to share their ideas and contribute to the company’s success, no matter the title or tenure of the employee.

Owlchemy Labs

Google-owned Owlchemy Labs is a on a mission to build fun and exciting VR experiences for all. The XR studio prides itself on a positive remote working environment that is focused on collaboration, personal growth, and a healthy work-life balance.

With around 50 employees, Owlchemy Labs encourages career growth, exploration, and the wearing of many hats. Because of that, roles and responsibilities are often collaborative and may change or evolve over time based on the company’s needs and the jobseeker’s particular skill set and career ambitions.


Pingboard is revolutionizing workforce planning with software that gives employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. But they’re also making strides as an employer that puts flexibility at the forefront of how they operate. They hire from all 50 states and have designed the way they work so that their team can be located anywhere.

On top of this, Pingboard encourages employees to take as much time as needed to care for the kids and family, care for themselves, go on vacation, or just take a walk around the block. Whatever it is employees need to do, Pingboard makes sure the workplace isn’t creating additional stress or pressure.

Pingboard employee review


Praxent is a fintech UX design and engineering partner for financial companies determined to lead in digital. Trust is at the center of Praxent’s culture and how they operate. They believe that without this, there can be no sustainable, lasting progress in their employees’ careers.

Trust is especially important when it comes to their remote working style. Praxent’s management team is there to help you become who you want to be— not to micromanage you. The result is a healthy work-life balance and the expectation to work no more than forty hours a week.

Spot Insurance

Spot Insurance provides injury insurance coverage for the adventurous, so it’s no surprise that an upbeat energy and excitement is infused into how the company operates. Spot encourages their employees to work from wherever they feel most inspired, whether it’s at home, in a kayak, or in a mountain cabin.

The company is as spunky as the customers they insure and works to make sure their team has more than the average 9 to 5. Flexibility, unlimited PTO, and weekly opportunities to connect and bond with teammates are just a few perks of working for Spot.


Many companies are new to the remote-first way of life, but Toggl has been succeeding with the model for nearly eight years now. The beloved productivity software company is guided by the belief that with a global team, comes a whole world of creativity.

Flexibility is a must with an international workforce, which is why Toggl gives employees the freedom to choose when and how much they work, using results as their only measurement of productivity.


In 1989, Trilogy was founded by Stanford dropouts in Silicon Valley, where it quickly developed a reputation for building cool software and hiring the most talented people from all over the world. Today, the company is a comprehensive business platform, driving hundreds of software companies to become more efficient and profitable by streamlining business functions from development to product management and R&D.

Trilogy is another company that went global and fully remote a decade earlier than everyone else. Years ago, Trilogy recognized the benefits of a global workforce and being able to give employees control over one of the most important aspects of their lives— time.