Celebrate All: 2023 Diversity Calendar

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your organization more inclusive and celebrate diversity in 2023. From religious holidays to cultural festivals, there are plenty of opportunities for employers to recognize the backgrounds that make your workforce unique. Not only is celebrating diversity important for fostering a welcoming environment, but it also has the potential to boost morale and productivity.

The benefit of celebrating diversity

Companies with inclusive practices generate up to 30% higher revenue per employee and greater profitability than their competitors, according to Deloitte. A study by Limeade shows that employees who feel included are 28% more engaged at work, have 19% greater well-being in their lives, are 43% more committed to their company, and are 51% more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.

Celebrating diversity isn’t just a way to be better to one another— it has real advantages for businesses across industries. As we look ahead into 2023, let’s all strive towards creating an environment where everyone feels safe and respected, regardless of their background or beliefs. Taking steps such as recognizing different holidays will make sure that our workplaces remain equitable and inviting for years to come!

Download the complete JobSage 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar!

How to use the diversity calendar

Keep this calendar close-at-hand or add these events to your online calendar tool. Doing so is an easy way for senior management and people teams to ensure that the organization is respecting cultural and religious events. This can help avoid potential conflicts, and help your organization be mindful of the special occasions that your employees may be celebrating throughout the year.

As the business leader, you can use the calendar to remind yourself to encourage your employees and colleagues to take full advantage of their paid time off. Celebrating holidays is also a great way to promote diversity within the workplace.

Your organization can choose some key holidays for everyone to get involved in and plan fun activities that help bring your team closer together. It’s also a wise idea to share the calendar with other departments so that they can plan around relevant dates, such as creating content or campaigns that align with certain occasions.

2023 diversity calendar at a glance

Here are important dates at a glance. Be sure to download the full version for more information about each holiday.

January 2023

Month Long ObservancesNational Mentoring Month
Poverty in America Awareness Month
Important Dates
January 4World Braille Day
January 15World Religion Day
January 16Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 22Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)
January 27International Holocaust Remembrance Day

February 2023

Month-long ObservancesBlack History Month
Important Dates
February 1National Freedom Day
February 20World Day of Social Justice

March 2023

Month-long ObservancesDevelopmental Disabilities Awareness Month
National Women’s History Month
Important Dates
March 8International Women’s Day
March 8Holi
March 22Ramadan Begins
March 25International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
March 31International Transgender Day of Visibility

April 2023

Month-long ObservancesNational Volunteer Month
Important Dates
April 5 to April 13Passover
April 9Easter
April 14National Day of Silence
April 21Ramadan Ends
April 22Earth Day
April 21-22Eid al-Fitr

May 2023

Month-long ObservancesMental Health Awareness Month
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Important Dates
May 17International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia
May 21World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
May 29Memorial Day

June 2023

Month-long ObservancesPride Month
Important Dates
June 12National Loving Day
June 19Juneteenth National Independence Day
June 20World Refugee Day
June 28-29Eid al-Adha

July 2023

Month-long ObservancesFamily Reunion Month
Important Dates
July 4Independence Day
July 18Nelson Mandela International Day
July 26 National Disability Independence Day

August 2023

Month-long ObservancesWin with Civility Month
Important Dates
August 7Purple Heart Day
August 9International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
August 21Senior Citizen Day
August 26Women’s Equality Day

September 2023

Month-long ObservancesHispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15)
Important Dates
September 4Labor Day
September 15International Day of Democracy
September 15Rosh Hashanah begins
September 16Mexican Indepence Day
September 22National Native American Day
September 24-25Yom Kippur
September 29Sukkot Begins

October 2023

Month-long ObservancesBullying Prevention Month
Important Dates
October 2International Day of Nonviolence
October 11National Coming Out Day
October 15White Cane Safety Day
October 15Sharad Navratri Begins
October 17Spirit Day
October 24Sharad Navratri Ends

November 2023

Month-long ObservancesMovember
Native American Heritage Month
Important Dates
November 1Dia de los Muertos
November 11Veterans Day
November 12Diwali
November 16National Day for Tolerance
November 18World Adoption Day
November 19International Men’s Day
November 20Transgender Day of Remembrance
November 23Thanksgiving

December 2023

Month-long ObservancesUniversal Human Rights Month
Important Dates
December 1World AIDS Day
December 3International Day for People with Disabilities
December 5International Volunteer Day
December 7Hanukkah begins at sunset
December 10International Human Rights Day
December 15Hanukkah ends at sunset
December 25Christmas
December 26Kwanzaa begins

Don’t forget to download the complete 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar for more dates and information!

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