Webinar: EX Manifesto Launch

In 2022, a group of influential thought-leaders in the world of employee experience joined together to create the EX Manifesto: a set of definitions, values, and principles for EX and EX Design. This Manifesto is meant to help modern businesses create meaningful experiences for their employees that benefit both the organization and its workers.

To help launch the EX Manifesto, JobSage CEO Jacob Rios joined a panel of esteemed industry leaders — Mark Levy (former Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb), Dean Carter (former CHRO at Patagonia and current CPO at Guild Education), Samantha Gadd (founder and co-CEO of Excellent), and Phoebe Harrop (principal at Blackbird) to discuss the future of employee experience.

During the discussion, the panel discussed their hopes for the future of workplace culture and employee experience. They talked about why— from both a business and human perspective— EX matters and how employers can take the first steps to creating a positive workplace experience for all. They also explored some of the potential roadblocks that companies may face when adopting employee experience strategies.

Want to learn more and sign the EX Manifesto?

Visit www.exmanifesto.com to read more about the values of EX, Seven Principles of EX Design, and how you and your organization can help shape the future of employee experience for the world.

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