Why We Started JobSage

The problem

Finding the right job is hard. It’s no wonder one-third of employees who leave a job do so in under a year. 1

We believe that solving this problem requires creating truly open and authentic conversation between jobseekers and employers.

A place for jobseekers

As a jobseeker, it means knowing more than just a job description before you apply.

It means knowing the big things like if the place you are about to spend weeks interviewing at, and years working for, truly lives up to its values. It means knowing what the culture is really like so that you can decide if it’s right for you. 

It also means knowing the seemingly little things like if it’s okay to take a few hours off during the day to have lunch with your children or go for a run. 

Ultimately, it means knowing you will join a place where you feel included and have the opportunity to thrive.

A place for employers

As an employer, it means being more transparent about what it’s like to work at your company. Jobseekers know you’re not perfect, but they want to know if you can be honest.

Maybe this means being more open about the diversity of your leadership team and admitting you want to do better.

Or maybe this simply means admitting you’re not a 40 hour per week company, which is totally ok because not everyone is looking for that.

Our goal

The point is that the more open and honest information that exists about a company’s purpose, values, diversity, inclusivity, and culture, the better it will ultimately be for everyone.

We couldn’t find a community like this, so we decided to create it. We hope you’ll join us.

Learn more at www.JobSage.com 

~ Jacob Rios, Kelli Mason, and Ryan Patterson

1 Work Institutes 2020 Retention Report