JobSage’s Most Transparent Companies

JobSage was founded with a simple mission in mind: increase transparency around the workplace topics that matter most to people.

For jobseekers, lack of transparency is often one of the biggest pain points of the job search. Candidates do what they can to research companies, but they are often left with the same question— “What is it really like to work there?” They want to know where their potential future employers stand in areas like inclusion, purpose, flexibility, feedback, and growth.

Earlier this year, we celebrated our first cohort of Trusted Employers who sought to answer this question for candidates. Now, we’re back with ten more companies who have joined them with a dedication to transparency.

2022 Most Transparent Companies

These companies are taking the initiative by allowing JobSage to survey their entire workforce. They are committed to ensuring their candidates have access to complete, honest insights into what they can expect from their prospective future employers.


Economies and industries may change, but Assurely will always be there to deliver insurance for evolving and innovating companies. Assurely’s technology and data-driven platform offers both new, custom-built, and traditional insurance products designed to be embedded into marketplaces and SaaS platforms or accessed directly by end insurance customers.


Clairity is harnessing the power of AI to create life-saving breast cancer screening technology. Clairity’s mammography-based deep learning platform is revolutionizing the screening process by improving accuracy, eliminating bias, cultivating trust, reducing the cost of care, and saving lives.


It’s no secret that existing marketing and sales demand-gen channels are oversaturated and seeing diminishing returns. Instead of relying on old, tired methods, CoSell believes that relationship-led companies are the future. Their platform seeks to help GTM leaders and teams unlock the power of relationships to transform businesses and careers.

Hello World

Hello World CS is growing the technology innovators of tomorrow with their rigorous, engaging, and multidisciplinary computer science program built for schools and school districts. Courses build upon a shared core of complex, interconnected computer science concepts that set students up for a spiraled, seamless, and comprehensive learning experience.


Kinjo is changing the way we approach education and screen time, harnessing the power of kid-favorite platforms to help them learn and grow. By using the technology that kids are already tuned into, Kinjo seeks to instill of love of learning in children ages 6 to 14. The app is an exciting team-based learning quest that fosters critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills to grow the thinkers of tomorrow.

NorthStar Inbound

The internet is filled with content, making it hard for businesses to successfully reach their audiences. North Star Inbound is helping its customers break through the noise by creating original content and implementing smart strategies that get results. With services ranging from digital PR to content marketing to SEO, North Star Inbound helps businesses drive measurable ROI and thrive.


Pingboard is revolutionizing workforce planning with software that gives employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. It’s how people keep up with who’s who and what’s new, see when coworkers are available, and celebrate each other. The technology helps new hires onboard faster, surfaces engaging info at just the right time, and helps people connect with their coworkers on a deeper level.


StellarFi is on a mission to transform people’s lives with tools that elevate their financial wellbeing. As the first and only credit builder that reports a bill payment directly to the three major credit bureaus, StellarFi helps members quickly build a positive payment history and better credit.


TextNow has a straightforward belief: communication belongs to everyone. Founded in 2009 by two university students looking to save money on their phone bills, TextNow has been putting free phone service technology into the hands of customers for over a decade. Today, the company continues to fulfill their mission of helping people stay connected with a solution that makes phone service free.


For small businesses, finding and hiring the right talent can be a time-consuming pain point. Luckily, there’s WizeHire, a month-to-month online recruiting service that streamlines the hiring process and provides the best candidates for the job. Today, over six thousand businesses trust WizeHire to help them build a great team.

More Transparent Employers

If you missed our publication earlier this year, these are companies that made our previous list of Transparent Companies.